Heddington Oaks: Treating seniors with respect and compassion

Since 1848, the Bel-Wood nursing home has been owned and operated by the Peoria County Government, and has served over three hundred elderly men and women. This includes residents who are suffering from various health related problems such as: Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, severe arthritis and Parkinson’s disease. Among those responsible are the nurses and nearly two hundred volunteers assisting residents with indoor and outdoor activities, in order to maintain their well-being and security. But because Bel-Wood has been providing care to senior citizens for over 150 years, Peoria has decided to open a new nursing home, proudly named Heddington Oaks.

Like Bel-Wood, this new facility professionally trains their staff members to provide quality living assistance and privacy for every resident. Heddington Oaks also offers barbers and beauticians, along with bathing and grooming assistance for residents if requested. In addition to this, residents will have access to medical services with nurses on call twenty four hours a day, physical, occupational, and speech therapy sessions, renal dialysis for those who suffering from kidney disease, dietary plans and social services with staff that are available seven days a week to help residents and their families adjust to moving. Residents will also be able to participate in fun activities like exercise programs, crafts, bingo and the electronic Wii system.

Heddington Oaks is located on 13 acres in a quiet, residential neighborhood just outside of Peoria. Owners of the nursing home conducted a study on the population that best suited the needs of Heddington Oaks, and decided West Peoria was the perfect location. Providing convenience to families so they may visit their loved ones. The property offers 214 beds with 42 private rooms that will also support no less than 80 Alzheimer’s patients, allowing them a secure and active environment to live in. Matt Nieukirk, the Administrator for Heddington Oaks, has said though there are only 214 rooms available, there will be enough space for non-Bel-Wood residents to move in, and new residents are always welcome.

Heddington Oaks is also offering moving assistance to new residents as they transfer from Bel-Wood, providing buses and ambulances for residents who cannot be immediately moved by their family. Payment for Heddington Oaks is affordable, and acceptance for private insurance and private pay individuals is approved. They are also licensed to care for individuals on Medicare and Medicaid. Open housing has already begun. But though there are no renovations left to be completed, the July move-in day has been pushed back. Matt Nieukirk has commented on the move-in day, stating: “We are still waiting for Public Health to come in and certify the building so we are not sure about a move in date as of today. We are anticipating to move by mid-August now.” Heddington Oaks is proud of the new home they have built for Senior citizens, and would be more than happy to take new residents and their family on a tour. Any information and questions can be answered on their website heddingtonoaks.com or call 309.636.3600.

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