President Trump’s first 100 days: 

Long on executive orders, short on legislative accomplishments

First we should stipulate that there is probably way too much unrealistic talk and writing about any president’s ability to accomplish major legislation in the first 100 days. In President Trump’s case he proclaimed during the campaign that he would solve many issues and accomplish many legislative goals. For someone who has never held a government position either appointed or elected it is most difficult.

Major achievements:

The appointment, Senate confirmation and swearing in of Associate Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch thanks in large part to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell changing the senate rules to allow the Republican-controlled Senate to pass the nomination with majority vote.

Approving the Keystone and Dakota Pipelines. Developing good relationships with Chinese president, Japanese prime minister, Israel prime minister, Canadian prime minister and a willingness to work with EU and NATO.

Major failures:

Inability to reform or change Obama care, attacking the press, attacking the judiciary, the resignation of his national security advisor (who is under FBI investigation), his administration is under investigation by FBI for election involvement with Russia (attorney general is recused), no release of any tax returns as has been the tradition of previous presidents, failure to release his health records, his family co-mingling their business interests with government programs and foreign affairs, cancelled Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement which is a real  problem for companies like Caterpillar, modifying  NAFTA which is a serious concern for companies like Caterpillar, his inability to work with a Republican Congress to pass any major legislation, a budget proposal that eliminates or reduces funding for many important programs that serve the American people, lots of talk about a big bold plan for infrastructure spending but no specifics, and his inability to fill hundreds of key positions within his administration at every Cabinet level.

President Trump’s tone of negativism toward certain groups of Americans including Muslims and immigrants is offensive.

1,300 plus days left in President Trump’s Administration.

Plenty of time to make a difference, plenty of time for legislative accomplishments, plenty of time to mend fences with our foreign friends and plenty of time to reach out to hundreds of Americans who have been offended and hurt by President Trump’s words that alienate and disconnect them from their president and their government. I am cautiously optimistic. Another report in mid-summer when hopefully there will be a good amount of progress and issues solved.

Ray LaHood

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