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If you are reading this column on or before Nov. 6, please vote. Election Day is Nov. 6. This Election Day offers an opportunity to chose a Governor of Illinois. Incumbent Gov. Bruce Rauner is being challenged by Chicagoan J.B. Pritzker. Millions of dollars have been spent, and it goes without saying the State of Illinois needs strong leadership on many fronts.

There are two important Congressional races in the 17th and 18th Districts. Every statewide office is up for election including Secretary of State, Attorney General, Treasurer and Comptroller. Each of these offices has very important responsibilities to every citizen of Illinois. Don’t forget to cast a vote for your State Representative who serves you in Springfield. There are a number of countywide offices including Sheriff, County Clerk, Circuit Clerk, Auditor and Treasurer and several important County Board races.

I strongly support the “fix our road referendum” which, if approved, will provide much needed money to repair deteriorating roads in Peoria and Peoria County. I strongly urge your support for this referendum.

In a previous column I spent much more time on the importance of voting. Those opinions still stand. Voting is our way as citizens to settle our disputes; voting is our opportunity to voice our approval or disapproval for those who serve or want to serve; voting is our citizen obligation. Elections have consequences. VOTE!

In a previous column I spoke about my long friendship with Brett Kavanaugh. I admire his judicial record serving for 12 years on the D.C. District Court of Appeals. The process by which he was approved before the American people was very painful to watch. Judge Kavanaugh is now an Associate Supreme Court Justice. I believe he will provide professional legal opinions to the Supreme Court, the American Judicial system and the American people.

President Trump has signed a new trade agreement with Canada and Mexico. Congress must approve the new trade agreement. The NAFTA Agreement will not exist once Congress approves the agreement between the U.S., Canada and Mexico. I have not read the new agreement but urge our local federal lawmakers to read it before approving it with an eye to continuing our strong agricultural ties and trade ties between Mexico and Canada. Our farmers and Caterpillar need these markets.

Finally let me say a word about Thanksgiving, one of my favorite holidays. Thanksgiving gives each of us a moment to count our many blessings and to be grateful and thankful for our family, friends and neighbors. HAPPY THANKSGIVING ALL!

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