Letter to the Editor | Take a second look at Kavanaugh

The current administration is establishing itself in history for using the power of the executive branch to reverse progress made over the past 50 years toward implementing the values of equality and wisdom. Instead, we see threats to better U.S. health care, acceleration of our assault on the environment, reduction of professional diplomacy and cuts to international aid to end starvation and disease. Our Department of Education is no longer focused on improving opportunities for more of our children to grow into the capable, successful workers we need, nor are we welcoming the immigrants who could contribute to our economy. Least of all are women’s rights to fair treatment being protected.

Each day seems to bring news of another executive proposal to limit free speech, first within executive departments and now on the streets of Washington, D.C. It’s no wonder that many caring and able public servants have resigned. There were few legislators with enough power to challenge the administration’s directives.

The most recent elections, however, have opened up new possibilities. The House of Representatives has a Democratic majority. Women and minority candidates will be filling more seats in Congress than ever before. There will undoubtedly be hard-fought battles over public policies that were impossible during the 2017-19 session –– battles that need to happen.

One possibility for slowing the executive path of destruction has opened. The House of Representatives has the power to impeach. The one individual who could do the most damage to our country over the long term is Brett Kavanaugh. Considering the superficial need to rush approval that passed for his Senate confirmation, taking a second look at his suitability for the Supreme Court seems worthwhile.

Nancy Long, Peoria

Nancy Long is a counselor with a local mental health organization and is active in her church’s social justice ministry, Fair Trade and the Peoria National Organization for Women.

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