Letter to the Editor | Don’t boycott Alabama because of legislators’ misogyny

In response to this question: How am I supposed to encourage people to see the lynching memorial/museum and boycott Alabama at the same time?

People should not boycott Alabama. Boycotting will only hurt people here who are already hurting. The legislators who voted for the abominable abortion ban won’t respond to a boycott. Instead of adding to Alabamians’ pain through boycotts, do the opposite: donate to Yellowhammer Fund so women can access safe and legal abortions, www.yellowfund.org. Donate to ACLU of Alabama so it can fight the legal battles to uphold women’s right to choose. Donate to POWER House in Montgomery so frontline activists can continue the work on behalf of Alabama’s women, people of color and other marginalized people. Help us to have the resources to educate and organize and lift the voices of justice and equity that actually exist in Alabama. We are here. Join us. Come visit not only the Memorial for Peace and Justice and the Legacy Museum and Southern Poverty Law Center, come to the clinic on a Friday morning and see what women face when they choose abortion for themselves. The vitriol of hate and lies hurled at them and clinic escorts as we exercise our right to choice. Boycotts have a place and time, but this is not one of them.

Jill Friedman, Montgomery, Ala.

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