Real Talk | Everything is beautiful in its time



In a world that is so filled with hurt and destruction, it is challenging to see the beauty in things. I spent an entire day at the gravesite of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Atlanta. As I grieved the loss of humanity and our country, I came to the realization that the once-most powerful loss that had me in tears is now transformed to the still waters where Dr. King and Coretta now rest. Peace and a sense of calm permeate their gravesite.

In that moment it appeared to me that everything is beautiful in time. The mere fact that Dr. King was murdered was a heinous and ugly act, however, now I stood in a remarkable state of euphoria feeling connected to a king I had never met.

As I write these words, I begin to imagine how many times I faced the ugliness of this society only to see that there was beauty existing on the other end of the despair.

This is not just in loss of a loved one, or a breakup but also with injustices. I’m wondering if Katrina victims, or victims of police brutality, or victims of the Holocaust or even those who are living in despair or poverty can see that on the other end of their experience lies some form of beauty, even if it’s just through the impact that it had on others in a positive sense of sharing their pain.

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