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This Fourth of July was very different in West Peoria with no parade or family and neighborhood celebrations. The many visitors to our community were missing. Some families have three generations who normally celebrate with us. In 2021, we will host our 50th annual parade.

West Peoria is recovering from a massive rainstorm with much damage to trees, homes and landscape. I wish to comment on the prompt and thorough assistance exhibited by our street department. Our street department was immediately out cleaning debris in our neighborhoods. City Hall received many calls to let them know of damage. My sincere thanks to our guys and the office for their efficiency and caring.

As of this writing, most meetings are still being cancelled due to COVID-19 issues. Other helpful information includes the following: No open burning. Landscape waste gets picked up at the curbs on Fridays.

Now is the time to circulate petitions for construction of new sidewalks during the 2021 construction season. If you are interested in improved sidewalks in your neighborhood, petitions may be obtained at City Hall and are due back by Sept. 30. The landowners and City split costs 50-50. Owners will be billed their share on their property tax bill in five installments for a five year period.

2020 infrastructure projects include a new storm sewer system on Waverly from Calendar to Sherman avenues. Work is also planned seal coating parts of Kenwood, Ardmore, Cortland, Avon Curve, Idaho and some alleys. Next year will see more work done on the Swords Avenue project.

The Western Avenue Greenway extends from Main Street to Calendar Avenue along the Peoria City-side of Western Avenue. It is a private non-profit organization that is designed to enhance areas of the two communities. The Greenway is maintained by individuals and supported through donations whose main purpose is to provide a park-like setting allowing West Peorians and Peorians a special quietness for their neighborhoods. If you want to visit it, grab a bag and walk through the Greenway and pick up the garbage and debris that seems to collect there.

Peter Getz, a member who has served as an officer and fund-raiser for several years is leaving. He deserves much recognition for his many hours devoted to improving our area. Take time, slow down and enjoy one of the many aspects of our neighborhoods. Thanks, Pete.

Volunteers are always needed for the Greenway. Contact kiddo@ameritech.net for more information.

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